Another 38 Free Audio Unit Plugins Worth Checking Out

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The list of free plugins for Logic Pro goes on. Here’s another 38 free Audio Unit plugins for your favorite DAW. Some are 32-bit, some 64-bit. Some are teasers, and some are made by dedicated freebie plugin developers with good ideas. Fire ‘m up!


SPL offers a free plugin:


PSP offers a free plugin:

  • PSP PianoVerb – reproduces special kind of reverberation originally provided by piano strings. It generates verb using twelve string operators with adjustable damping and decay time. Each operator is tuned to a particular note. Requires registration.

Audio Damage

Audio Damage offers a set of free plugins:

Lots of free stuff, some plugins offer sliders only, some a GUI:

  • Bouncy – a ‘bouncing ball’ delay.
  • Crazy Ivan – use at your own risk…
  • Cyanide 2.0 – a shaper.
  • H2O – a simple compressor with saturation.
  • Madshifta – for lo-fi pitch-shifting and feedback effects.
  • SupaPhaser – 3 to 23 stages phaser with feedback. Phaser operation is controled by a mixture of LFO and envelope follower, both configurable, enhanced stereo effect, pre-phaser distortion or saturation.
  • SupaTrigga – real time recycle stuff. Things can get real crazy with this one. Very nice in combination with other plugins.

Betabugs Audio

Betabugs Audio (link to full site, look for OS X installers) offers a set of funky plugins:

  • GetaBlitchJR – a sequenced gate effect.
  • CrayonFilter – Crayon Filter is a multi-band filter plug-in.
  • MonstaChorus – is a true analog style stereo chorus effect.


Apulsoft links to most of the Smartelectronix and Betabugs Audio plugins. But there’s more:

  • Chip32 – produces old school electronical sounds and features a graphical wavetable editor.
  • Slim Slow Slider – a multiband compressor.
  • Cheeze Machine – this plugin emulates the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by such classic synths as the Crumar Performer or the Arp Solina.


  • FreeG” – a masterfader with extended, customizable metering, and multiple control features and settings. Requires registration. 32 and 64 bit.

Ohm Force

  • Frohmage – a highly resonant low-pass filter. Up to 15 additional bands, linearly distributed. Delay on each band for unique phasing-like effects. Distortion stage, with two routing schemes. Very fine MIDI control (PRN and NPRN sent or recorded by Frohmage are 14-bit accurate). Low CPU load. 32 and 64-bit.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia offers two free teasers:

  • Amplitube Free – a free version of AmpliTube 3 with 24 models including 9 stomps, 4 amps, 5 cabs, 3 mics, 2 rack effects + tuner. Registration required. 32 and 64 bit.
  • Sampletank Free – a full-featured version of SampleTank 2.5, with a 500 MB samples library. Registration required.

Togu Audio Line

TAL offers quite an impressive list of free plugins (all 32-bit, the first five plugins are 64-bit too):

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