Watch Those Windows – Use Screensets Instead

Suppose you have the Arrangement Window open…

logic pro arrangement window

Instead of calling up a screenset, you hit ⌘ 8 to bring up the Environment window…

logic pro environment window

You do some more editing in the Arrange Window, then bring up another Environment Window with ⌘ 8. After repeating this a number of times, look behind your Arrangement Window:

logic pro open windows

That’s a lot of open windows. Memory info in Activity Monitor, with one Arrangement Window and an Environment Window open:

logic pro memory

Memory info with an Arrangement Window open and ten Environment Windows:

logic pro memory

So, use Screensets. You can close multiple windows in one go while holding down ⌥. Click ‘cancel’ when Logic Pro asks you to save any changes, and you’ll be back to one open window.

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  • You can also set up Logic’s Key Commands to toggle the desired window rather than just open it (it’s less distracting to me than the flashing when screen sets are changed).

    • Hey Earthrid,
      Which commands are you referring to?

  • Stone Walters

    Just about to being creating a new Logic Pro Template for mixing.  I used to use the Environment page to create a screenset for each group of instruments along with their auxes.  But it sometimes got a little messy especially if I had to add new audio tracks and auxes.  I also like the idea of having all the auxes on one page rather than having them spread out throughout the Environment page.  Is there a better way to do this?  What screensets do you find most useful beyond having one for the Arrange, Pianoroll and Event List pages?

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