Review: Quiztones (iOS)

Learning how to equalize sonic material is an ongoing process. It takes hours and hours of practice before you’re at the point where you’re comfortably identifying areas by their number (250Hz, 2Khz, 6Khz etc) before even touching your equalizer.

EQ sweeps, Spectrum Analyzers and Ear Training software are tools to help you become better at equalization. For the iPhone, Quiztones (Appstore, $4.99) is a great addition to the Ear Training software category. Using this tool will sharpen your ears and frequency recognition skills, and improve your mixing and equalization abilities.

Let’s quickly run through the application:

Tones, EQ, Easy, Hard

quiztones screens

The first screen is where you choose between practicing pure tone recognition (sine waves) or identifying EQ changes in sonic material of your choice.

The second screen shows EQ mode. This is where you’ll practice real-world examples. The app comes with some presets for practice: Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Piano, Pink Noise, Strings and Vocals. You can also use songs in your iPod Library for practicing.

The third screen shows the store inside the app, where you can buy additional instruments to practice on.

If you want to become better at applying EQ, this is a great little tool. Check out the Quiztones website, there’s a webversion of the app that’ll give you a good impression of what the app is all about. For the app, I do recommend using big headphones. iPod earbuds won’t give you any low end to practice on. And don’t forget : you can practice on any audiofile that iTunes can read.

Get Quiztones here:

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