Pack ‘m, Stack ‘m, Rack ‘m

stacked compressors

For today, I have a quick tip that will gain you some time, especially in the long run.

Dedicate some dummy aux buses, or audio channels, to put your favorite or most used plugins on. Like so:

logic pro dummy buses

For illustration, I’ve made a selection of my ‘most used’ plugins here, divided by category (Compression, Waves One Knob Series, and EQ). This saves me a lot of time, since the Waves Mercury bundle is very time-consuming to browse. Logic Pro’s stock plugin bundle is better browsable, but still, if you find yourself reaching for the same set of plugins many times in a session, give this some thought. And yes, saving channel strip settings is a good idea, or just save a template. Drag and copy plugins by holding down +. Bypass them if you’re worried about processing power.

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    Jarugzzi is correct about latency.  I tried to save a template with my favorite master buss plugins disabled and the latency issues were awful.  I guess you could toggle low latency mode from the transport and it wouldnt matter much if you were in the mixing stage.  Still I think this is a great use of channel strip settings to just audition your favorite compressors or just copy them onto a bunch of tracks. In the past I set this up for my favorite modulation effects but I like this as a shortcut for favorite compressors, eqs etc.

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