There’s Something About That Empty Region

Lately I’ve been programming drums by dragging .WAV files directly into the Arrange Window. This method certainly has its limitations and drawbacks, but it doesn’t require me to set up an instance of the EXS24 sampler, Ultrabeat or a third party plugin before I can begin programming.

So I got these 4 snares in two bars:

logic pro regions

To keep things tidy without making folders, and region count low, I wanted to make a 2 bar loop out of these regions, so I merged all regions with ctrl+=. I got this:

logic pro merged regions

That’s not a 2 bar loop. How about completing it with empty regions, with the pencil tool?

logic pro empty region

After trying to merge these, I got this vague warning:

logic pro folders regions aliases cannot be merged

So the empty region turned out to be a MIDI region. That’s good to know. Instead, I used the marquee tool to select an empty section:

logic pro marquee tool

I copied the slice to the beginning and end of the region. Using ++ came in handy to shorten the length of the region at the end. After merging:

logic pro merged regions

Done! A 2 bar region, ready to be looped, or repeated with +R.

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  • Face The Crowd

    Nice workaround, along with the other one in the first comment. It should be an option in Logic though, something like “Merge Regions snaps to (sample start/end) (nearest bar/choice of subdivision)”

    • Face, that would be a great timesaver. How about being able to insert silence at the beginning/end of regions, right in the Arrange Window, by merely changing region length? On my wishlist too…

  • Eric

    Yo Danski,
    wtf – there was a button on your page that just said – Get The App – and I thought how cool, Danski did an app. So I clicked it and went to dude that is sneaky and cheating and kinda sucks ass big time.

    • Hey Eric,

      Can you tell me what you were reading and where it popped up?

      Sounds like you just clicked an ad.

      As you know I do ads in the header of the site, in the sidebar, in between articles when they’re quite long and at the end of articles.

    • Eric,

      By the way, please edit your message so it says ‘hotels dot com’.

      I now have a link to that site on


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