Working With Keyswitched Sample Libraries

When you’re using a sample library where articulations are plenty, you’ll be forced to deal with many keyswitches. Sometimes, the sustain pedal triggers a different articulation too, forcing you to use Hyperdraw. Here’s a quick way to control the sustain pedal with its own ‘keyswitch’ – by using Transformer. I’ll use Scarbee Jay Bass as an example.

Don’t Let The Pedal Put a Damper On Your Workflow

Scarbee Jay Bass, powered by Kontakt, is one beautiful bass library. To get a phrase right, you’ll need to work with keyswitches:

logic pro scarbee jay bass

That’s a lot of keys to deal with. Slides are made by editing the sustain pedal in Hyperdraw (keyswitch trigger notes are red):

logic pro edit sustain pedal

Why use Hyperdraw when this can be done with another keyswitch? One extra keyswitch won’t hurt. All you have to do is find a note that has no keyswitch assigned to it (C-1 in this case) and convert that to sustain pedal controller data, with a Transformer object with these settings:

logic pro transformer object

Now the sequence looks a lot cleaner:

logic pro matrix

Just to be sure, a snapshot of the Environment:

logic pro environment

The ‘Scarbee’ instrument is what you will be playing, so you’ll have to select that in the Arrange Window.

Happy switchin’!

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