So You Think You Can Bounce?

Staying organized by using colors improves workflow, all the way up the final stage of production: making stems. However, there’s a small caveat I learned about this week.

Buses & Outboard Gear

Suppose your project is almost finished, and you’re ready to make some stems. You’ve got all your drums, bass, synths and vocals neatly colored, and coming back to separate buses. On some buses, you’re using outboard gear via the I/O plugin, so bouncing these buses offline is no option, you’ll have to record them back into your arrangement (assuming you’ve got your mixing console or monitoring system coming back into your DAW). What would your approach be?


You might select one region with a specific color, hit +C to select all regions with that color, hit solo, and record the entire bunch on an armed track:
logic pro solo a color
But look what happens once you hit Record:
logic pro solo a color
Poof! The soloed selection is gone. Recording nothing but silence.

Try this instead: select all regions you’re about to record, hit +I (invert selection) and hit M to mute all other regions. Then hit record. Of course, muting buses in the Mixer Window would have worked. But once you’re dealing with a large arrangement, with many buses to consider, that would become very time consuming.

Know a better way to do this? Drop a comment!

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  • kokobeware

    what about solo lock the regions so when they’re deselected they are still soloed? or am I missing something?

    • Hey kokobeware,

      Thanks – that sounds like a good idea, I have to try this out. Cheers!

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