Mid Side Processing: Solo The Sides – Part 3

In part three of the Solo The Sides series, we’ll take a close look at all Logic Pro stock plugins that affect the stereo image of your mix, and listen to the side information only, one plugin at a time. If Mid Side processing confuses you still, run through these examples a few times. Next time you solo the sides of your favorite track for some mixing inspiration, it should be a lot easier to recognize what effect types were used in your reference track. All examples are Apple Loops. I used the free Brainworx bx_solo plugin to solo the side information.

Stereo Delay

First up is a mono acoustic slide guitar, with a half/quarter note stereo delay plugin inserted. Side information only.

Audio example:

Sample Delay

A mono drumloop, with a Sample Delay added. The delay of the right channel is set to 99 samples. Audio example:

Stereo Spread

This time, we have a mono drumloop with a Stereo Spread plugin added, set to the ‘Light HF Spread’ preset. Audio example:


This is a mono Rhodes, with a light Chorus added. Audio example:


The same mono Rhodes, with the Ensemble plugin set to ‘Symphonic 5 Voice’. Audio example:


A mono synth, with a Flanger set to ‘Slow Harmonic’. Audio example:


Mono Blues guitar, with a Phaser set to ‘6 Stage Phaser’. Audio example:

Rotor Cabinet

Mono organ, with a Rotor Cabinet added, set to ‘Leslie 1’. Audio example:


A Rhodes, with a Spreader added, set to the ‘Stereo Spread’ preset. Audio example:


Rock guitar, with a Space Designer inserted, set to an Old Spring. Audio example:

To finish off, two important techniques: panning and doubling:


This is what hard panned doubled vocals sound like when all the mid information has been removed. Audio example:


A simple LCR pan of a mono acoustic piano track, from left to center, and from center to right. Remember, the audio example below contains the side information only. Before you click, think about what you’d expect to hear. Audio example:

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