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The Air Display application turns an iPad into a wireless computer monitor with a touchscreen. Avatron, maker of the app, was founded by a former Apple software engineering manager, and a team of veteran Mac OS X programmers. I’ve been test-driving Air Display some more recently, to see how it would work together with Logic Pro. My findings are below, along with some images of the iPad displaying various Logic Pro plugins and windows.

Logic Pro’s Metering Plugins

logic pro ipad
Lag: I’d say 40ms in my case. Framerate: sufficient. Cool for metering, despite the lag.

Arrange Window

logic pro ipad
Transport control: fine. Basic region editing (without modifier keys): fine. The bigger the regions, the better. In the above picture, they’re too small.

Waves CLA Vocals

logic pro ipad
Faders: too sensitive. Buttons: fine.

Waves Dorrough Meter

logic pro ipad
In XL Mode, this plugin fits iPad perfectly in landscape mode. Framerate wasn’t high enough though. And don’t forget about the lag. Lacks precision.


logic pro ipad
Faders: fine. Panpots: okay, they’re a bit small.

Piano Roll Window

logic pro ipad
Basic note editing works. The bigger the better applies here too. Double-tap on note opens Event List on main screen.

Sample Editor

logic pro ipad
Making a selection works fine. Zoom controls are too small. This is where I start dreaming about stretching stuff with my fingers by pinching. Sigh.


Air Display turns the iPad into one heck of a metering display. The lag and the often insufficient framerate (depending on the wireless network’s performance) don’t make it very precise. But it’s so cool! Basic mixing and editing is possible. You’ll need big regions. Working smaller objects (parameter window, menus) isn’t very enjoyable. So, by calling it Air Display, Avatron Software got the name right. Hopefully, I’ve caught a glimpse of the future, a glimpse of Logic Pro on iPad. It’s your turn now, Apple.

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  • Eric

    Love this site – I spend an hour each morning with my breakfast and iPad going through tips before I get down to writing and mixing . Really sets up the day nicely. It’s too bad the iPad can’t play your audio examples due to the flash/apple silliness. but then I probably wouldn’t get any work done. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Eric, it’s very nice to hear that, thank you. I got my eye on that issue, hopefully soon enough I’ll switch to an HTML5 player for audio. Last time I checked though, I will run into compatibility problems. A lot of readers come here on Firefox.  Enjoy your breakfast!

    • Eric, playback on iPad should work now (check my review of Fabfilter’s Saturn, I need to edit the other stuff). Need to fall back to .ogg though for Firefox. Silliness indeed. Cheers!

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