OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Every Logic Pro User Should Know

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Here’s a list of OS X keyboard shortcuts that should come in handy when you’re working with Logic Pro. For more OS X keyboard goodness, follow the link at the bottom of this article. Have an OS X keyboard shortcut tip yourself to speed up workflow? Drop it in the comments!


When using built-in audio:

  • Increase or decrease your volume by quarter increments: ++Volume Up/Down.
  • Use +Volume Up/Down to change volume without the sound effect.
  • Holding down while clicking the volume control in the menu bar gives you a menu where you can choose your mac’s input and output audio devices.
  • Pressing +function key will bring up the System Preference panel for that key.
  • +Mute/Volume brings up the sound preference panel.


  • Hold ctrl and move the scroll wheel (or use 2 fingers on your trackpad). It will zoom in the entire screen. This makes connecting certain objects in Environment a lot easier.
  • Holding down while using the mouse scroll wheel will scroll the window horizontally.
  • Change screen brightness in quarter intervals: ++ Brightness Up/Down.
  • Put your screen to sleep while listening to your work: ctrl++.
  • Invert screen colors with ctrl+++8.

Logic Pro Navigation:

  • When closing an unsaved song, +D will invoke “Don’t Save” for you. Be careful.
  • Navigate Logic Pro’s menu bar by keyboard: ctrl+F2. On macbooks with function keys turned off: ctrl+fn+F2. You can navigate through the menus using the arrow keys and the enter key.
  • Press +` (right apostrophe) to switch between multiple windows.
  • While typing in Notes in Logic Pro, press F5 for suggestions. On macbooks: fn+F5.

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Full article (more tips!): apple.stackexchange.com

(Source: lifehacker).

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