What’s Your Startup Time?

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Do you have a large collection of Sampler Instruments in your homefolder? Since Sampler Instruments folders get scanned every time Logic Pro starts, chances are their sheer size is affecting Logic Pro’s startup time.

If you need instant access to your entire collection all the time, this article is not for you. But when your projects often reach the stage where you don’t need instant access to your entire library (thanks to bouncing, asset saving and Logic Pro 9’s Import option) read about quickly moving your library out of the way with Automator, and decrease Logic Pro’s startup time.

So how long is your startup time?

Mine clocks in at about one minute. That’s because I run an ever growing collection of EXS24 Sampler Instruments. The Sampler Instruments folder gets scanned every time Logic Pro starts. Even saving freshly made Sampler Instrument takes forever, spinning beachballs included.
Through the years, I’ve converted all my oldschool AKAI samplediscs, and I’ve imported tons of GIGA samples. My library adds up to over 100 gigs now, which isn’t even that bad. It’s nice to have access to this huge library instantly (once Logic is fired up), but do I really need it to be available all the time? Most certainly not in the final phase of a project, where every track has probably been bounced to .WAV anyway. Since Logic Pro has the option to import tracks and content from other projects, I tend to bounce material rather quickly nowadays. Before we begin using Automator:

Be careful…

  • This article covers moving your own Sampler Instruments. They’re in yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments.
  • Logic Pro’s preset Sampler Instruments can be found in MacintoshHD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments. I suggest you leave these alone.
  • If you are nervous about moving your library, test things out first. Practice with a dummy file or folder.
  • In Automator, leave the ‘Replacing Existing Files’ checkbox unchecked.
  • Make a backup of your library if your bloodpressure goes up by merely reading about touching your sample library.

Setting Up Automator – The Move My Clunky Library Out Of The Wayorator

You could move the Sampler Instruments folder by hand every time you don’t need it, but that could turn into a repetitive task fast.
Automator is very good at doing repetitve tasks for you. Here’s how to set up two simple applications that you can leave on your Desktop, or put in your Dock. Fire up Automator, in your Applications folder. You’ll be asked to choose a template:

Choose ‘Application’. Look here (click for big pic):

First click on Actions, then Files & Folders. Then doubleclick Get Specified Finder Items. You’ll see that the first action gets inserted into the workflow on the right.
In that window, click Add to add your Sampler Instruments folder.

For the second step, you’ll need the Move Finder Items action. Doubleclick it to add it to the right. Select your Desktop folder, or another folder of your choice. Caution: stay on the same harddrive, otherwise you’ll have to sit out the transfer of your entire library. Save your Application by choosing Save As… :

Give it a proper name and save it to your Desktop. Now build the application for moving your library back to where it belongs. It should be easy. Look here:

Again, save it to your Desktop with a proper name.

So there they are, my two Automator robots awaiting my instructions with impatience:

It Works On Plugins Too: Using Color Labels

Your Audio Unit plugin components reside in Macintosh HD/Audio/Plugin-Ins/Components. Just like with any Finder item, these components can be labeled with a color. Ctrl-click on a component, and choose a color:

In this case, I labeled my Waves plugins shell green. That way, whenever I feel like limiting myself to one (big) set of plugins, all I have to do is click an Automator Application on my Desktop. Here’s how I easily built the Application (click for big pic):

Already highly organized?

I know, all this would have been a lot easier if I only told Automator to rename the Sampler Instruments folder to something like ‘Sampler Instruments Ignored’. That works fine too. If you already have a highly organized library (i.e. your Sampler Instruments folder contains folders for Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, etcetera) you could selectively move folders elsewhere temporarily by using colors, just like in the above example with plugins. But then renaming the Sampler Instruments folder won’t do. You will have to move the folders it contains.

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