The Prelisten Audio Channel Strip

A small yet useful tip: When browsing Loops in your Loop Browser while your project is running, you’re not limited to the volume slider at the bottom of the Loop Browser to have the loop sit better in your project.

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Logic Pro uses the Prelisten audio channel strip for monitoring. It’s automatically created in every project, and you can always find it next to your highest-numbered audio channel strip.

Open your Mixer window by hitting X and set View to ‘All’.

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This is your Prelisten audio channel strip. Now you can process it to taste. I sometimes look for individual sounds in a loop whenever I feel something is missing in my drum track, for example. When my drum track is already bottom-heavy, filtering or shelving off the low end of the Prelisten strip puts focus on material I may be looking for.

The Prelisten audio channel strip is used in the Sample Editor as well.In Sample Editor, ctrl-click the speaker icon for more options:

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‘Auto-select Channel Strip’ will have Sample Editor play its audio over the track that’s selected in the Arrange window.

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