Mid Side Processing: Solo The Sides – Part 2

Disabling the information that’s the same in both the left and right channels – the mono stuff – can be a true source of inspiration for mixing. In part one, I promised to give you some more examples. Well, today I was skimming Spotify for some stereo ideas, and bumped into this little gem.

Rihanna – Only Girl In The World

Here’s Rihanna – Only Girl In The World, mixed by Phil Tan. You’ll hear the chorus only, all mono audio has been removed:

Now wait a minute, that’s not Rihanna is it?

My guess here is that they doubled the chorus, and used the doubled takes in Melodyne and shifted the formant down a notch (in Logic Pro, you can do this with Vocal Transformer). Brilliant idea, if you ask me. I never noticed it in the original record. The effect is there, but then again it is not, which goes to show how awesome it can be to listen to the side information only with a Mid Side processing plugin. Now, it could very well be that Rihanna isn’t really your genre, so let’s pick one more example with some interesting stereo information:

Vanessa Paradis – Be My Baby

Listen to Vanessa Paradis – Be My Baby. Here’s the chorus, without the mono information:

That’s right.

It’s practically a mono record. I say practically, because if it was completely mono you wouldn’t hear an thing (could be codec artifacts, I’m not sure). Obvious choice perhaps for an ultimate Motown sound, but this was 1992! Hopefully, this will put us back on our stereo feet a little. Found something interesting yourself? Let everyone know in the comments!

Have a great weekend.

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  • CTheGreat

    Great Post! Think the vocal u hear Rihanna track is actually the original vocals from the singer who did the demo and the producer just replaced the leads with Rihanna’s vocals. The original demo is on youtube by Christyle and you can tell they sped the vox up to make fit the track

    • Hey C, thanks. By the way, posting a link to a Youtube vid should work fine in the comments! Cheers.

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