Make Reverbs Richer By Using Octaves

logic pro space designer

In this short post, let’s look at thickening up a reverb a bit by putting an octave on the dry signal that will only be reflected in the reverb. When applied subtly, this technique will thicken the sound of the reverb, without losing the relationship with its dry signal.

logic pro thicker reverbs

Both tracks you see here carry the same software instrument. Both tracks send to the same reverb on aux bus 1. Track two plays an Alias Region that’s one octave higher than its original, and has no output. I shifted the Alias Region up an octave by transposing it in its Parameter Box:

logic pro paramter box

The original piano:

The piano with an octave added to the reverb:

The difference is subtle, but definitely there.

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  • jackpot

    Nice trick ! a bit faster and it could be the next intel logo.

    • Jackpot,

      Hahaha! Or the next Windows tablet startup chime.

      I’ve informed my lawyers.


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