How To Pan Stereo Recordings With The Direction Mixer

logic pro direction mixer

When you are panning stereo audio material with a plain vanilla pan pot on a stereo track in Logic Pro, you are merely decreasing the level of the channel that you are panning away from. In some cases, this may not be what you want.

Let me illustrate with an audio example.

Here’s ‘Blackbird’ in its original form. Here we have Sir Paul in the middle, a guitar on the right, and something that resembles Logic Pro’s Klopfgeist on the left side:

Here’s the left channel, in mono, after panning the stereo track all the way to the left:

And here’s the left channel, in mono, after panning it with Logic Pro’s Direction Mixer with a Direction setting of -90:

Notice the difference?

I bet you did. More guitar! Panning with the Direction Mixer actually merged the right channel with the left channel while decreasing the level of the right channel. It’s like having the left and right channel on separate mono tracks, and panning only one channel.

That’s something to keep in mind when working with stereo recordings in Logic Pro.

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