How To Sync Your Channel Strip Settings With Dropbox


If you have Logic Pro installed on more than one Mac, here’s a way to keep all your Channelstrip Settings in sync between both systems, using Dropbox. Although Logic Pro offers a way to backup and share your Channel Strip Settings, Plugin Settings, and Key Commands with Apple’s Mobile Me, nothing beats Dropbox at the moment. It’s easy to set up, it’s free, and as instant as you want it to be.

After signing up, downloading and installing Dropbox, first make a backup of your own presets, if you have any. Just to be completely failsafe. They are located here: yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/. Copy it somewhere safe (drag the folder while holding down Option and rename it to indicate it’s a backup.

While the Channel Strip Settings folder is selected, hit +L. That will create an alias folder. Leave that as it is for now. Next, drag the original Channel Strip Settings folder to your Dropbox folder, which is in your home folder after installing Dropbox. For organisational purposes, you may want to put the Channel Strip Settings folder in a dedicated folder, something like ‘Logic Pro’.

Next, in Finder, navigate back to yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/. Remove the word ‘alias’ from the alias folder’s name by renaming it.

On your second Mac…

Navigate to yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings/and verify that you don’t have any homemade presets in there. If you do, and they’re of value, back them up. After setting up Dropbox on your second Mac, navigate to your Dropbox folder in your home folder. Make an alias folder of the Channel Strip Settings folder that’s in there by selecting it and hitting +L. Drag the alias folder to yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/. Move the Channel Strip Settings folder in yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/ to the trash. Then remove the word ‘alias’ from the alias folder.

And you’re done! Whenever you save a Channel Strip Setting on either Mac computer, the alias folder makes sure it gets saved in your Dropbox folder. Dropbox then syncs everything that’s in there to the cloud. Some final notes:

  • Syncing only works if both Macs have the same plugins, samples, and impulse responses.
  • Keep Logic Pro’s version number the same as much as you can on both systems.
  • If you don’t like network traffic while Logic Pro is running, simply shut down the Dropbox application. Relaunch it later to sync your files.
  • Repeat the same procedure to sync Plugin Settings and Keycommands if you like.
  • Dropbox syncs over your LAN too. Read this if Logic Pro’s Serial Protection is bugging you.

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  • Eric

    So does anybody really, and I mean really, know how secure Dropbox is? I’m not concerned about my channel strips but opening a door into my computer for some talented hacker through Dropbox. Are there any real facts and not opinions about this?

  • Eric

    I just thought of something about this method. What happens if you decide to clean up and remove old channel strips? Will the other Mac just put them back using Dropbox? No a major problem to solve but I have a backup prog where one of the drives is the Master and the slaves follow the masters contents. Won’t work in this Dropbox scenario. Unless there is something I’m not seeing?

  • Johnny

    You left out a step in the “On your second Mac…” section. You will need to remove the word ‘alias’ from the alias folder’s name (in yourhomefolder/Library/Application Support/Logic/) by renaming it.

    • Hey Johnny,

      Thanks a ton. I indeed overlooked that.

      I updated the article.


  • Karen Kosowski

    This may be the solution I’ve been looking for… seems to work great for loading existing templates. Problem I’m having now is that I can’t seem to save new templates, or changes to the existing template. Any one else have this problem?

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