How To Work The Stereo Base With The Direction Mixer

logic pro direction mixer

This time we’ll look at how to get more precise control with the Direction Mixer in Logic Pro. You can use the Direction Mixer to spread the stereo base of left/right recordings. Setting the Spread Value to 0.0 will give a summed mono signal, a setting of 1.0 will give the original left/right stereo image, and a setting of 2.0 will extend the stereo base further. There’s only 20 steps going from summed mono to a fully extended stereo base, which is somewhat of a rough scale.

To work around that limitation, have a look at this example setup:

logic pro direction mixer

I’ve copied the same drumloop three times, on a total of three tracks. Each track has it’s own Direction Mixer. The alternative way would be to use sends and buses. As you can see, all three Direction Mixers have different settings: the widest setting possible, normal (with an unchanged stereo base) and summed to mono. We now have far better control by working the channel faders that have a better resolution than the Spread Value slider of the Direction Mixer.

As a bonus, we get to process each instance further. For example, we could put a compressor on the summed mono signal, shelve or filter some lows off the wide signal, etcetera. For starters, try this on stereo live drums. Have big fun with Direction Mixer 2.0!

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