How To Get Access To All Channel Strip Settings

In case you forgot (I did!): Different audio objects have different channel strip settings. There’s presets for audio channels, instrument channels, output channels and aux channels. To work around this limitation, next time you want to load a preset, click the channel strip menu (‘Setting’) while holding down .

You’ll now have access to all presets, regardless of the type of audio channel.

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  • Eric

    I have to laugh because in the pulldown menu there are GarageBand presets. To me it’s funny because it seems with each update Logic gets closer to being GarageBand Pro as too many features are getting dumbed down. One day there may be no difference between a Logic channel strip and a GarageBand one. I really hope not but, hey, gotta keep a sense of humor about all this, oh yeah, and get the mixes done too!

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