How To Stack Transients With Audio To Score

Back from Switzerland! Instead of enhancing transients with Enveloper, try stacking them. For this to work, we need to be able to extract timing and pitch data from audio material. Enter ‘Audio To Score’. Say we want to add some more ‘slap’ to this slap bass loop:

stacking transients with audio to score

First make a new Software Instrument track, to put the MIDI data on. While the new track is selected, doubleclick the loop, and in the Sample Editor window, choose Factory > Audio To Score.

logic pro audio to score

With these settings, this is the resulting MIDI region:

stacking transients with audio to score

Sculpture is very good at modelling vibrating strings, so let’s fire it up, and load a bass preset:

stacking transients with audio to score

Note that just to get the ticks and plops, I turned off Oscillator two and three. I also slid the ‘Media Loss’ slider all the way up, to make the sound pitchless. I put ‘Material’ between Steel and Glass.

Result (Sculpture soloed first, then mixed with the original slap bass loop):

As you can see, with ‘Audio To Score’, you can go way beyond transforming monophonic material into musical notation.

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