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dr dre kush

I love the piano that’s in Dr. Dre’s ‘Kush’. Well played – or well programmed? Let’s take this on purely from a programmer’s perspective, without an external keyboard to play on. How ‘human’ can Logic Pro get by programming alone? Let’s dig in…

Listen on Spotify – (explicit):

Youtube link for the Spotifyless among us.

First, I played the top line with the caps lock keyboard, filled in the rest, made all notes legato with +-, and made the notes shorter again by dragging the note ends while holding down ctrl.


Since every chord is late in this example, I shifted the region to the right with delay. I also added a touch of Q-Flam to get some note separation. Use too much of this and the chords turn into arpeggios. Note that quantization must be on for these advanced parameter changes to work, and you’ll have to release the mouse button every time you’d like to hear and see the changes – something hopefully will be fixed in Logic Pro X.

This is getting more like it, but we still need to have it sound more human.

So let’s humanize with the Transformer Object:

Let’s humanize note position, note velocity and note length a little:

This preset will randomize position by plus or minus 10 ticks, velocity by plus or minus 15, and length by plus or minus 10. The Event List, after clicking on ‘Select and Operate’:

Even better. The top line is a little loud still, select it with +:

With the top line velocities turned down a bit, it sounds better. The last four chords were still a bit early, so I shifted these to the right slightly by dragging while holding down ctrl. The final result:

logic pro advanced quantization

Let’s hear it! (I used a loop from a break in the original record and added the piano)

Before programming and using Logic Pro’s humanization features:

Whoops. Sucked the life out of that one.

After programming and humanization:

Not bad, not bad at all…

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