How To Set All Velocities To One Value In Logic Pro

Here’s a quickie, but a biggie: My favorite way to set the velocity of all notes in a region to the same value: select the region, hit E to bring up the Event List. Doubleclick the value (‘Val’) of the top event, enter value, hit enter, then hit +V.

That’s “Copy Value To All Following Events”. This works on Channels (Ch), Notenumbers (Num), and Notelengths (Length). Another way, one of many actually, is to select all events in the Event List, and then drag a value while holding down +. Must be my Dr. T’s-Keyboard-Controlled-Sequencer-on-Amiga-days why I use the Event List so much…

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  • guest

    good tip.  this is a feature I use constantly.  Another way is this:

    select all notes in a region.  Go top the Functions menu.  Choose Fixed Velocity.  Enter your velocity.  Click Operate.

    • rlando

      I cut my teeth on Opcode’s Vision!

      • A-ha! Working numbers, woot!


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