Nudging Regions In Logic Pro

Here’s a ‘handy’ list of keycommands for setting the nudge value in Logic Pro:

  • T Set Nudge Value to Tick
  • D Set Nudge Value to Division
  • B Set Nudge Value to Beat
  • M Set Nudge Value to Bar
  • F Set Nudge Value to SMPTE Frame
  • H Set Nudge Value to 0.5 SMPTE Frame

Right. Forgetaboutit. You have enough on your mind, so please do this:

Ctrl-click your Toolbar :

Select ‘Customize Toolbar…’

Now drag the Nudge icon to your Toolbar. Click ‘Done’.

Instead of having to remember those commands, just click on the ‘Nudge Value’ icon, and make your selection :

If you want to nudge a region left or right, select it, and use these commands:

+ and +

Better. Do spend some time in that Toolbar. Almost the best bar in town.

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