How To Make Your Reverbs Wider In Logic Pro

When wide’s not wide enough, why stick to one reverb? Take a look at the following setup.

logic pro reverb

I have an audio track sending to bus one, two and three. All three buses have a Space Designer inserted, all with different presets. First one is a 4.5 sec Fine Hall, second one a 4.5 sec Huge Room. These I panned left and right. That became wide, but a bit unnatural, so I slided another reverb under there on bus three, a 4.4 sec Dream Hall.

That one I filtered with an EQ, just to get the rumble :

logic pro eq

The muted plugins in this setup are optional tools to further enhance the effect. Try delaying one side with the Sample Delay plugin, or try inverting the phase of just one side of a reverb and see if blending that in works. Or work on its stereo spread with the Direction Mixer.

Don’t just think “put a send on a track and insert a reverb on the bus” … Think beyond.

Go forth and reverberate!

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