Audio Energizer, The Forgotten Maximizer

For a quick and easy way to put some more energy into audio material, have a look at Logic Pro’s Audio Energizer in the Sample Editor. Its controls are very limited, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a good way to learn what compression and limiting will do to your audio material.

Open your loopbrowser O and select a loop. For this example I used “70’s Rock Piano 57”. Drag it to the Arrangement Window. Editing options for Apple Loops are limited, so hit ctrl+B to bounce the region in place. Double click the resulting region, or hit W to open the Sample Editor. Normalize the audio by hitting ctrl+N, this is to search the peak in the waveform and set it to digital maximum. It’s not a necessary step, it just helps to illustrate what the Audio Energizer sounds like.

Next, select the Audio Energizer :

logic pro factory

Your options :

logic pro audio energizer

The red part of the waveform indicates what your waveform will look like after processing it with the algorithm. It’s not accurate. It seems like you’ll be clipping very quickly – don’t worry, no matter how far you take this thing, it will never clip. Attack and Decay changes are not reflected in the waveform preview, consider it illustrative eye candy.

Try out some different settings, you can always hit +Z to undo and try again. Once you like your Factor, focus on Attack (too bad Release goes up to 100ms only) and learn a little about transients (try attack 0).

Here’s the result, before and after:

Waveforms :

logic pro audio waveform

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