A Space Designer Odyssey

logic pro space designer

Now for some lazy Sunday geekery…Any mono, stereo, AIFF, SDII, or WAV file can be used as an Impulse Response in Space Designer. Hmmm. Let’s put some WAV’s in there that were never meant to be Impulse Responses.

With Space Designer, you can do that by clicking the triangle next to ‘IR Sample’ and select ‘load IR’. So I browsed through some Apple Loop FX, picked a random one, added it to the Arrangement Window, bounced it to my Desktop as a 24bit WAV, and put that into Space Designer. Fired up an EXS24, loaded a stock piano, and noodled a little.

In this example, you’ll first hear the ‘impulse’ (is that a Harley?), then the piano with the Harley as IR. Then some whale sounds, and finally the piano with the whales as IR.

Wow. I prefer the whales. Especially the tail of the example.

Endless fun.

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  • Very nice! Love the effects you can create with this. Just had much fun pulling all my most obscure samples out for a test ride.

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