Mid Side Processing: Solo The Sides – Part 1

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut mixing a production, and you feel you’ve run out of ideas, listening to your favorite record with headphones may point you in the right direction again. For an even deeper understanding of what’s going on in a stereo mix, and what tools the pros may have used to accomplish a good mix, put on your favourite track and listen to the side information only with a mid side processing plugin.

No Mono – Just The Stereo

To illustrate, here’s Taio Cruz – Dynamite. All mono information has been removed by using the free bx_solo mid side processing tool by Brainworx.

Isn’t this interesting? I didn’t expect to hear any kick or snare, since these are usually mono. The vocal doublings really pop out in this audio example. So do the piano and the synths. I can’t hear any sub bass, so that must be mono too. The list goes on and on and on.

What we’re hearing is true stereo material, choruses, reverbs, stuff that’s been panned left and right, or widened with short delays.

More examples to come, in part two.

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