Bounce In Place Is Your Friend

Have a piece of Apple Loop:

logic pro bounce in place

Let’s reverse it.

Double click the region, and in Sample Editor, click on Functions :

logic pro bounce in place

Whoops. Most options are greyed out. Silly. I guess the thought behind this is that Steve won’t let you destructively edit Apple Loops. We need to work a copy. Let’s look at our options.

Save Region As….

Make sure the Arrange Window is active, select the region, press ++F to select ‘Save Region As…).

The dialogue window defaults to the folder that the Apple Loop came from. That’s not where I want to store my stuff. Plus, I have to make more choices:

logic pro bounce in place

Too much hassle. Cancel.

Ctrl-clicking the file in the bin to select Copy/Convert File(s) brings up a similar workflow-killer.

Bounce Region In Place

ctrl-click the region, and select Bounce In Place, ctrl+B on the keyboard is quicker.

logic pro bounce in place

In this case, working around the Apple Loop’s limitations is my goal, so I choose Delete Source, deselect everything else, and set Normalize to Off. Hit enter.

Next time you want to do the same thing, just think ctrl+B, Enter.

This applies to regions too. For example, if you make a copy of a region, reverse it in the Sample Editor, the original region will reverse too. That’s because regions are references to files in your bin, that’s just how Logic works.

So, Bounce in place is your friend.

ctrl+B !

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  • Hector Argot

    thanks! I’ve been looking for this about an hour, thank you again!

    • Good to hear, Hector!

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