Bricasti M7 Impulse Responses For Space Designer

Bricasti M7

The Bricasti M7 impulse responses library has been around for a while, but just in case you missed it, you have two options…

Bricasti M7 Impulse Responses Download

The version, which is still served here even though the company ceased to exist a couple of months back. Installation instructions are included. The version, which is here, is supposed to be closer to the real thing.

These downloads include the impulses only, without the Space Designer presets, so you’ll have to manually load the impulses, which quickly becomes kind of a drag. You could load them one by one while saving them as a preset but …there’s an app for that! Check out Space Designer Manager in the App Store (29 Euros) or on their website. I just bought it, it works like a charm.

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