Transient Detection Accuracy In Logic Pro

When converting audio from one form to another, preservation of transients is essential. How good is Logic Pro’s transient detection? Is your audio affected in any way after converting it to an EXS24 Sampler Instrument, and then bouncing it back in place? Let’s do a test and see if there’s any loss or modification of transients when you convert an Apple Loop to an EXS24 Sampler Instrument, and bounce the result back to a regular audio file. Zooming in…

Picture below: The top region is the original apple loop. The bottom region is the resulting midi region, playing the EXS instrument (the sampler instrument was created with transient detection). The middle region is the resulting audio region after bouncing the midi region in place.

logic pro transient detection

Zooming in…

logic pro transient detection

Zooming in some more…

logic pro transient detection

As you can see, Logic Pro passed this test just perfectly. Let’s repeat this fieldtest with some vocals.

logic pro transient detection
The top region is after bouncing the midi region, the bottom is the original.

Zooming in …

logic pro transient detection
Once again, just fine. No worries here.

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