Working With Colors In Logic Pro

Once your arrangement becomes larger and larger, colors are good for keeping Logic Pro sessions organized. Instead of manually selecting regions to color them (hit +C for the Color Panel), automating this process is a timesaver. Here’s how.

Select Configure Track Header by pressing +T or by ctrl-clicking a Track Header.

logic pro track header buttons

Make sure ‘Track Color Bars‘ is checked. Now keep the track selected, but not the regions in it (click the grey area in the arrange window, somewhere where there’s no region). Press +C to bring up the Color Panel. Now pick a color. Note the colored bar in your Track Header, green in this example:

logic pro track header

Any new region you record on this track will be green. Putting regions with a different color on this track requires you to re-color though. The key command for this is ++C (the regions have to be selected) Now, once you have your colors set up, try this: Select one colored region, then press +C. Now all regions with the same color will be selected. Now you can Solo (press S), and then Bounce +B your entire drumset for instance. It’s a great way to make stems without having to worry about your routing.

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  • Zurdo_1432

    Is there a way for Logic Pro to automatically color takes? I haven´t found an article that explains this. I assume that it probably isn´t possible. I don´t know…

    • Hey Zurdo, thanks for stopping by.
      Yes you can have Logic Pro color (new) takes automatically, and I pointed that out in this article.
      To recap: ctrl-click a track header in the Arrange Window. Configure the Track Header, and enable ‘Track Color Bars’.

      Note the little colored bar in the Track Header. To color your tracks, you can do two things:
      1. Open Mixer Window, select a track, and pick a color with option-C.
      2. In the Arrange Window, select a track but keep the regions on it unselected. Pick a color with option-C.

      In both cases only newly recorded or created regions will have the color you picked.

      Hope that helps, Cheers.

      • Zurdo_1432

        thing is that you would have to do this every time you start a new project wouldn´t you? hmm… ok… still have to find out how to save templates then…

  • chakanilhaza

    Thanks for the info. This was what I was looking for. 🙂

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