How To Align Vocals With Flex

In this example, I am going to align multiple vocal takes which I previously comped with a takefolder. I recently purchased Vocalign, which is probably the quickest way to do this job, but the price is pretty rough on the budget and it requires you to do some setting up beforehand (via sidechaining).

Plus, you need to fill its buffers by playing back the guide track first, like in Melodyne Editor. Flex is more flexible, but takes a bit more mousetime. But hey, good vocals always require serious mousetime. So let’s do this and align vocals in Logic Pro.

We will put the audio that needs ‘flexing’ on adjacent tracks.

Enable Flex View (View–>Flex View, or press +F.

Since we will be working with solo vocals, we’ll set Flex Mode to Monophonic for all vocal tracks. Transient markers will be detected. In the picture, our guide track is at the top. It needed little editing, except for the manually edited transient markers at the beginning and end:

logic pro flex

To align transient markers of track 2 and 3 to those of guide track 1, click and hold a detected marker in track 2. Now drag it to the marker above it in your guide track. The line will turn yellow, indicating that the two markers are now aligned. Release the mousebutton. Repeat this process until all markers are aligned.

For track 3, we can either use track 2 as a guide, since it’s aligned now. We can however drag markers all the way to track 1 again, the line will still turn yellow when markers are aligned. This is a nice way to double-check. I noticed that setting Flex Mode to Slicing also worked for me in this case. In this mode, audio material will not be compressed or stretched like in Monophonic Mode. Changing modes does not affect the position of markers, so go ahead and experiment with the modes to see which one works best.

And yes, you can use quantize templates to quantize the doubled takes to the original. On the guide track, go to the Quantize menu in the Region Inspector. Click it and choose ‘Make Groove Template’. Apply this template to all doubled takes.


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