Another Take On Takefolders

logic pro take folder

Happy 2011! Let’s begin the new year with a classic RTFM moment. I do most of my vocal editing with takefolders. They’re a timesaver, but if you keep working inside the folder for too long, things can get cluttered.

That’s because there is no visual indication as to what parts (swipes) of a take have been used in a specific comp. When you get above 2 or 3 comps, you start to lose track. When selecting takes for doubling your vocals, this quickly gets annoying.

Coloring your takes may help a little, but that’s no real solution (To do this, unpack the takefolder, color takes individually, then pack the takefolder). What you should do, once you have a set of good comps, is click on ‘move active comp to new track’:

logic pro take folders

After moving comp 1 to a new track, the takefolder looks like this:

logic pro move take folders
The empty spaces is where the swipes from comp 1 were. Brilliant! This I didn’t know until yesterday. Classic RTFM.

One thing I’d love to see the developers add to takefolders is something I’d call ‘shuffle takefolders’ with the option to apply that to a range of takes. Very often in a (vocal) recording session, the artist gets the ‘flow’ right, and most likely will deliver a couple of good takes that are similar to each other and great for doubling. Being able to have Logic select comps automatically based on takes in the vicinity of comped takes would be great for workflow. The option to define a range (2 takes back/forward max, for example) would be even better.

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