How To Enhance iTunes Audio With Logic Pro

I’ve never understood why iTunes doesn’t have support for Audio Units.

A few years back, I purchased VolumeLogic, a volume maximizer plugin for iTunes by Plantronics, which unfortunately has been discontinued. The people over at have jumped into this market by developing Neutrino ($29.95, free 30-day trial), which is a music player with built-in Audio Unit support – even on a per-track basis which is great to have older songs compete with current (louder) songs in a single playlist. It offers full iTunes integration and a big bag of other goodies. If you’d like to go the freebie way however, and you’re running iTunes and Logic Pro (or any other AU host for that matter) on the same system, you are just a download away from being able to seriously customize iTunes’ sound with Logic Pro.

Soundflower, made by Cycling ’74, is an audio routing utility for OS X that allows you to pass audio from one application to another. The installer includes Soundflowerbed, a small application that will reside in your menu bar, that lets you control what audio goes where exactly. Alternatively, you may want to try out Jack OS X, another free audio routing application that is similar to Soundflower.

Patching iTunes’ Output Into Logic Pro with Soundflower

In System Prefs->Sound, set your Mac’s sound output to Soundflower:

changing Mac sound output

Patching your Mac's sound output to Soundflower

In Soundflowerbed (in your menu bar):

logic pro soundflower settings

In Logic Pro’s Audio Preferences, set the input device to Soundflower:

set input to soundflower

Choose Soundflower as your audio input in Logic Pro

Finally, In Logic Pro, record enable a stereo track, and add some plugins to taste. Then play a song in iTunes. Since Logic Pro is the last in line here, you can control your speaker volume in Logic Pro. Since your using your own choice of plugins to enhance iTunes audio, just make sure to turn iTunes’ “Sound Enhancer” and “Sound Check” options off in Preferences.

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  • Eric

    Hi Danski, a heads up – there are still a few small layout glitches on the ipad when I am here doing my homework in the Related Posts section. The small text has a tendency to run under the larger font heading of the link under it. Not a big deal but I know you like you site to look good. Cheers, Eric

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  • Daniel Chrabolowsky

    This is something I’ve been looking for a long long time. My audio setup is iMac -> M-audio Fast Track 8r
    -> High & Mids Speakers
    -> Subwoofer
    In that setup I looked for ways to use logic for crossovering and limiting which I didn’t find other solution than sending iTunes through the system audio output, physically wire it to inputs 1 and 2, set preamp levels, get inputs on logic and route through auxiliaries with each eq’ing for crossover. This led me to do the digital/analog change more times than neccesary. This application seems to solve that problem, question, do you know how does this application treat audio while internally routing it through applications? I’m worried about quality loss in that process.
    I guess I’ll leave my ears be the judge and report how it went.

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