How To Split Stereo Files In Logic Pro

When you need to process channels of a stereo file separately in Logic Pro, it’s best to split the file into a left and a right part. Doing this by routing can really become overly complicated, so let’s quickly have a look at how to split stereo files in Logic Pro in the Audio Bin.

Split Stereo Files In Logic Pro

To split stereo files in Logic Pro, open your Audio Bin by pressing B, select the stereo file and click Bin->Audio File->Copy/Convert File(s)…Or press ctrl+C on your keyboard.

At ‘Stereo Conversion’, choose ‘Interleaved to Split’:

logic pro file conversion

The Audio Bin shows the split files, but note the symbol in the File info section of the Bin. This means the left and right part are still ‘connected’:

logic pro split stereo files

After splitting, the split files are still connected.

Before dragging either part to the Arrange Window, in order to be able to truly process each (mono) part individually, you’ll have to disconnect the parts first. Select both parts in the Audio Bin, and choose Edit-> ‘Disconnect Selected Split Stereo File’:

disconnect split stereo files

The result, in the Audio Bin:

disconnected split stereo files

Note the change of the symbols. These are the mono files you have been looking for!

A Workaround In Finder

After splitting a stereo file in the Bin, you could skip the entire disconnecting process by editing the names of both mono parts in Finder. Locate the files in Finder first. Now remove the ‘L’ and ‘R’ extensions. It’s a good idea to add something like ‘right’ or ‘left’ to the filename:

editing file names in finder

Removing the ‘L’ and ‘R’ extensions…

You can now drag the files from the Finder to the Audio Bin:

dragging files into the bin

To finish up, remove the files with the ‘L’ and ‘R’ extensions from the Bin.

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