How To Circumvent Logic Pro Serial Protection

There are two lame things about working with Logic Pro: When you close a project you haven’t changed, the application will ask you if you’d like to save, which is just really foolish. Plus there is the protection error you get when you run a second installation of Logic Pro on another Mac that is connected to your local network.

We want the full monty and run Logic Pro on two Macs, instead of working with Logic Nodes, right? Here’s a nifty way to circumvent Logic Pro serial protection.

Bypassing Logic Pro’s Serial Protection

The abovementioned annoyances happen to make a great couple. The trick is to have Logic Pro (on your second Mac) launch an existing project automatically at startup. You can set this up in Preferences-> General-> Project Handling.
logic pro project handling

The next time you launch Logic Pro on your second Mac while you have the application running on another Mac that’s on the same network, you’ll get the serial protection error. After you click ‘quit’ though, the application will ask you whether you’d like to save the project.


Just click ‘cancel’ – and continue your work…

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