Logic Pro EXS24 Tutorial – Sidechaining

the exs24 sampler instruments in logic pro

In this Logic Pro EXS24 tutorial, we’ll look at the ability to use side chaining as a method to modulate multiple parameters of the EXS24 sampler plugin.

The EXS24 side chaining function follows the incoming signal with an envelope follower and turns that into a control signal.

EXS24 Side Chaining

In the top-right corner of the EXS24 Sampler plugin, select the source, which can be either an audio track, an input or an aux bus. In the routing matrix, you first select your modulation destination, then select ‘side chain’ as the source. Leave ‘via’ empty for now. Now drag the green arrows up/down to apply depth. See the image below:

logic pro 9 exs 24 sampler blurred

A cool thing to modulate here, I think, is Sample Start. This way you could have the amplitude of a drumloop modulate the starting point of the samples played, for instance. When applied subtly, this can bring back new life into otherwise dull, repetitive samples. For more randomness, assign a good old LFO as source instead of a drumloop.

For an overview of which of Logic Pro’s plugins support sidechaining, follow this link:


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