Create Two Nodes At Region Borders

create two nodes at region borders

Here’s a quick tip, something I’ve only recently forced myself to use to speed up workflow: When you’re adding or editing automation in Logic Pro, you may often find yourself clicking multiple times just to create the automation nodes you need, in order to be able to adjust an automation parameter or to make fades. The menu function ‘Create Two Nodes At Region Borders’ should save you some time, and improve your workflow too.

Create Two Nodes At Region Borders

While the region to be edited is selected, select the function in the Arrange Window:

Track>Track Automation>Create Two Nodes At Region Borders

Drag down your automation, and all 4 nodes will be visible:

two nodes at region borders

Fades will be so much easier to make...

Note that there’s no Key Command preset for this one, so you’ll have to assign a custom key command to it. See my article on some more custom Key Commands that I think you should assign yourself. The article includes suggestions as to what keyboard shortcuts to use.

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