Working With Take Folders In Logic Pro – Comping Drumloops

logic pro take folder

Take folders in Logic Pro are great for quickly comping live recordings, such as vocals. But you’re not limited to comping takes from a particular live recording session. Any combination of audio regions can be put into a take folder.

Take folders can be used creatively with prerecorded material, like Apple Loops, or with audio material you bounced yourself. Let’s quickly take a peek at how that goes by comping some drum loops.

Take Folders In Logic Pro – A Different Take

Take these two drumloops for example. I’ve randomly chosen them from the Apple Loop Library, and put them into a take folder by selecting both loops, then selecting Region>Folder>Pack Take Folder in the Arrange Window. After some quick comping, here’s what that looks like:

take folder

The audio result:

Note that you can save several take folder comps. You can always add more loops by simply dragging them onto the take folder. It may seem that your comp disappears when you add more material to the take folder. No worries, just reselect your comp by clicking the top-right triangle of the take folder. Remember too that you can export your comps to separate audio tracks, and put the resulting regions into a new take folder, or convert them into an EXS24 Instrument.

The creative possibilities are truly endless.

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