How To Sync Logic Pro Key Commands With Dropbox


If you installed Logic Pro on multiple Macs, and Mobile Me isn’t really your thing, Dropbox is a great way to sync stuff, for free. Let’s have a look at how we can sync your key commands. Where are all of those workflow boosting Logic Pro key commands located?

Syncing Key Commands With Dropbox

Factory presets for Logic Pro’s key commands are located right here:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Key Commands
key commands

Once you start making custom key commands, be aware that they will not be automatically saved to the preset you started out with. Every now and then you should save and export your set of key commands, before you sync them with Dropbox. To do this, in Logic Pro’s Preferences, choose Key Commands:

sync key commands

Click ‘Options’, then click ‘Export Key Commands’. Give the file a proper name. It will be saved into the Key Commands folder inside your home folder by default:

~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Key Commands

Locate that folder in Finder. Make an alias of it by pressing +L, and move the original folder into a Dropbox folder. Verify that you’ve done this with the folder, not with the key commands file itself. On your second Mac, make an alias of the folder that’s in your Dropbox, and move it into

~/Library/Application Support/Logic/

You can delete the original Key Commands folder that’s there. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any presets you may have saved earlier.

Happy syncing!

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