How To Set The Song Key in Logic Pro

apple loops play in song key

In Logic Pro 9, most Apple Loops will behave a lot better when you first set your project’s song key signature. Doing this makes browsing Apple Loops, or your custom made Apple Loops, a much more musical experience. After setting your song key, Apple Loops will (optionally) be transposed to match the song key when you’re browsing in the Loop Browser.

Setting The Song Key In Logic Pro – Global Tracks

In the Arrange Window, click on the triangle next to Global Tracks to expand. You can also press G to enable Global Tracks. If Signature is not visible, ctrl-click and add it to the Global Tracks list:

logic pro signature

See the C? That’s the key for the entire song, or project. Double click to change it. You can add key changes to the signature timeline with the pencil tool, if needed:

logic pro key signature

Setting The Song Key In Logic Pro – Signature List

Another way is to click the Lists button at the top-right corner of the Arrange toolbar, and select the Signature list:

key signature change logic pro

Click on ‘Create Key’ to insert a new key signature change.

Making Apple Loops Follow Your Song’s Key

To have Apple Loops played in your song’s key signature while browsing, open the Loop Browser, select the ‘Loops’ tab, and enable this option:

apple loops play in song key

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  • erik sjoeding

    interesting post. How will setting the songs key signature affect midi? Will only midi-tones included in the scale be included?
    And if yes, what happens to the “wrong ones”, transposed to the closest highest/lowest one? or not played at all?

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