How To Make EXS24 Multitimbral with Channel Splitter

the exs24 sampler instruments in logic pro

Through the years, I have imported a truckload of old AKAI sample discs into Logic Pro’s EXS24 sampler. Most of the programs on these discs don’t have any key switching capabilities, but articulations are plenty. EXS24 falls a bit short here, as you can only load one program – one articulation – at a time per instance.

I could edit the EXS24 programs myself by adding groups, but that would take ages to accomplish. A quicker way to tackle this problem would be to make EXS24 ‘multitimbral’ by using several instances of EXS24 in your project, and use a Channel Splitter object in Logic Pro’s Environment Window to handle all the traffic. Let’s take a look at how that is done in Logic Pro.

Setting Up Several Instances Of EXS24

Fire up several instances of EXS24, each with their own articulation of a sample set (i.e. staccato, legato, etcetera). Give all of the instances a separate MIDI channel.

  • In the Environment window, create a new instrument.
  • In the Environment Window, create a Channel Splitter object.
  • Drag a cable from the instrument to the channel splitter object.
  • Drag a cable from the channel splitter’s first channel to the EXS24 with channel 1.
  • Drag a cable from the channel splitter’s second channel to the EXS24 with channel 2.
  • Andsoforth…

Zooming in on the channel splitter really helps, it’s a tiny object. To zoom, hold down the Control key, then drag TWO fingers up your Mac’s trackpad. You should now have something like this:
logic pro channel splitter
In the Arrange Window, add a track, control-click its track header and select the newly created instrument. In its parameter box, set its Midi channel to ‘All’. Now you can edit the MIDI channel of individual notes in the Event List. Good thing is, this lets you edit a multitimbral instrument in just one region. This works best if play your parts with one channel, or articulation, first. Then edit channels to play with the different articulations of your samples.

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