How To Install Logic Studio From Disk Images

Today I did a complete reinstall of Snow Leopard and Logic Studio on my Mac Pro. I quickly ran into problems with my optical drive. The faulty drive made several failed attempts at installing the software. I didn’t have time to fix my drive, so I searched the web to find a workaround.

Google pointed me to an article about making disk images of install disks, and running the installation straight from the disk images. I made the disk images on a Macbook Pro, which fortunately didn’t take too long. I then transferred the disk images back to the Mac Pro, and mounted them there. That entire procedure turned out to be faster than running the complete install from the original install disks! As a bonus, I now have all the original install disks backed up safely.

Install Logic Studio From Disk Images

Before you can install Logic Studio from disk images, you’ll have to create the images with Disk Utility. Just pop in your Logic Studio install disk, and open Disk Utility. You can find the application in Applications>Utilities. Next, select the drive that contains the Logic Studio Install disk. Then choose File>New>Disk Image From “Logic Studio Install”. See here:

logic studio disk images

A dialogue window will then pop up. Choose ‘read only’ and do not encrypt:

logic studio disk images

Repeat this process for all the other install disks. When you’re done and ready to install Logic Studio from the disk images, be sure to mount them all at once, and skip the verification process.

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